Shea Deo package

SheaDeo, Deodorant made with love, not with toxins

Medical studies show that women who aggressively shave and use antiperspirant had a diagnosis of breast cancer 22 years earlier than non-users, concluding that tiny shaving cuts allow for more penetration of the cancer-causing aluminum found in antiperspirants.

SheaDeo says: Understanding the dangers of antiperspirants containing aluminium we wanted to make an all-natural harmless deodorant that really works.

The result is CocoNourish SheaDeo!

coconut, cacaobeans and other natural ingredients

Natural ingredients:

Coconut butter, shea butter, cacao butter, beeswax, bicarbonate of soda, cornstarch, aloe vera and nothing else!

Paw with text: Tested om humans

Tested on humans

Tested on humans not on animals. All ingredients are food-grade: have been used in cooking for centuries and have not caused any harm to anyone.

handmade packaging

Handmade and packed

Deodorant and 100% plant fibre packaging are made and packed by hand, recyclable and biodegradable and we are as proud of the package as we are of the product itself.

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Finally a natural, nurturing deodorant that just works.
EH, London
I have been using the Shea Deodorant for a year or more, and it is excellent. Very easy and convenient to use, and works extremely well. It is also great for travelling light because you can break off a small piece just enough for the trip. So I would highly recommend it to anyone.
DA, Cambridge
Now I am officially odourless.
AvC, Amsterdam
I sweat less and smell of nothing!
AS, Berlin
The deodorant also nurtures my skin while keeping me odourless.
HvA, Amsterdam
I am hooked on your deodorant and will buy it till the day I die.
IB, Limburg

For anyone looking for a 100% natural deodorant that actually works, please try this amazing product! :)I've tried all...

Posted by Jassi Lovecat on Friday, 1 April 2016
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Postage the Netherlands €2, the rest of the world €5

€ 14 + postage: € 2 = total € 16

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SheaDeo is produced by KEKSINTO based in Amsterdam
KvK: 65566556